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  • Outsourcing of daily IT operations and management of a company's Infrastructure is the hallmark of inspace outsourcing program.
  • In space dedicates a resource, either a System Administrator or IT Manager, to manage IT Infrastructure of the client / company on a retainer model.
  • One or more shared resource would engage with the client based on business need from time to time. The overall engagement is monitored by a Consulting CIO..


Buzzing with activity, IBees brings together the power of youth, the composure and the direction of experience, and blend it with the unflinching dedication towards building a difference to every brand we undertake to shape. We are rooted to the principle of creating value for our clients through ethical means without deviating from the core values that we hold close to our heart: trust and transparency.

  • Your systems and procedures
  • Your coding standards and development methodologies


United Techies is an integrated IT solutions and service provider having its head quarter in USA. We offer Software development, Web application development, mobile application development, ecommerce solutions and enterprise planning solutions to various national and international companies.

United Techies is a highly process driven company. We have got the opportunity to work with many international brands.

What Our clients Say

Sridhar KannanDubai

They have talented expertises, who has accurate domain knowledge. United Techies highlights is innovative solutions. accurate domain knowledge. United Techies highlights is innovative solutions.

  • United Techies partners Dubai Business Center

    We are confident of United Techies’ design strategy and their approach towards our new project. We look forward to a long term association with United Techies...